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Welcome! We are Darren and Dina, a dynamic duo of gifted soulmates who are excited and delighted to spread transformational healing, spiritual awakening, and manifestation skills across the globe! We’ve developed focused, Intuitive programs in key areas of popular relevance and importance, from Business, to highly personal Family, Relationships, and Medical.

Exposed to spiritual concepts and tools from a young age, passionately self-educated, and mentored from early adulthood to the present, Dina has attained a broad spectrum of skills and honed a deeply meaningful relationship with Source that she shares enthusiastically with people around the world. Fluent in the Law of Attraction and a charismatic Intuitive, Dina is devoted to her family and to assisting people who yearn to heal from the scars of their past and move vibrantly forward with their lives.

Darren, who comes from a background as a National Health Safety and Human Resources Manager, has a contagiously calming way with people that immediately sets them at ease.  A victorious cancer survivor, Darren has been immersed in 17-year journey of self discovery and awareness that manifests now in his dedication to healing others.  With his gentle charisma and natural ability to conduct remote energy healing, Darren provides you with insight and knowledge to which you wouldn’t normally be aware, which dramatically energizes the progress of your transformation.

Meet Dina & Darren

  • Dina
    Dina Intuitive, Empowerment, Manifesting, Resilience, Counter-Intuitive Parenting and Angel Card Readings
  • Darren
    Darren Intuitive, Medium, Angel Therapy Practitioner certified by Doreen Virtue Healer, Angel Card Readings & Radio Co-Host
  • Darren & Dina
    Darren & Dina Darren and I work closely with families to help re-build the family dynamics. We have both worked with children exposed to significant, complex trauma. Our focus is on counter intuitive parenting.

About Dina

Dina has worked as a paramedic, worked with homeless mental health as an advocate, forensic mental health within the community and has studied Nursing, Justice at university. 20 years of self development, enlightenment and living with CFS and Fibromyalgia.

Dina’s exposure to trauma and her own life events have enabled her to completely transform people’s lives from the mundane to the engaged and actively loving not only themselves but their lives.

Founders of White Tiger Vitality Retreats, Darren & Dina

About Darren

Darren, formerly a National Health Safety and Human Resources Manager managing in excess of 500 staff. For the past 17 years Darren has helped people begin and fulfill their own journey of self discovery and in turn success, life balance and happiness.
As a cancer survivor, Darren brings with him the life skills and relates to the impact of illness on lives.  Blessed with the gift of intuitive prediction Darren can intuitively predict what the outcome is going to be and put together a prior strategy to be able to hit the ground running.
My services include one on one mentoring, exponentially increasing sales and changing culture with ease. Training and helping people is my passion. I have successfully transformed the way people absorb the knowledge. Darren will provide you with insight and knowledge that you wouldn’t normally be privy too.

Why Choose Us?

Eating for Optimal Health – Fitness – Healing

Manifesting – Vision Boards – Resilience

Cutting Cords – Releasing Negative Energy

Implementing Guidance – Boundaries – Empowerment

Utilizing Intuition

Angel Healer’s Course

When considering any transformative program, there are uniquely personal factors that contribute to each person’s motivation toward making that commitment. Perhaps among the most important are those outside the predefined categories of services offered, costs, and expertise; beginning instead with a feeling of uplifting safety, genuine warmth, and understanding from the outset. All of the sessions in any of our programs are conducted in a completely non-judgmental, confidential atmosphere of integrity and compassion.  We not only guarantee our results, but also take time with beginnings, spending time during each, initial consult exploring the potential for each person’s greatest success, and whether our program is the best fit achieving those goals.

Clarity Focus Relaxation Guidance Healing Certainty

Angel Healer Course Chakras Balance Energies Card Reading

Guided by Source

How Can Intuitives Help You?

Intuition, sometimes referred to as a “gut feeling”, is an energy most people are familiar with: instinctive ideas, creative inspiration, the sensation something is “off” or “spot on” relative to a situation in which we find ourselves. Darren and I are Intuitives, whose psychic abilities stem from that energy of deep observation and intensive mindfulness, creativity and interpretation of dreams. While not licensed Therapists, we are guided by Source and a myriad of life experiences to provide you with clarity, focus, relaxation, guidance, healing, certainty and high performance. Together, we craft individualized programs for our clients to address overall well-being and more specialized areas of Business, Health & Medical, Family and Personal Success. I am a Law of Attraction expert, combining those principles with tools such as crystal healing, nutrition and exercise to offer accelerated techniques for transformative healing and success. Darren is highly proficient in conducting cellular energy treatments, which are beneficial for removing emotional blockages, promoting deep relaxation, relieving/reducing pain, eradicating worrying thoughts, and enabling you to cope with grief and loss.

What You Will Feel Like After Our Program?

The results of this highly personalized experience will largely depend on your current circumstances. Most commonly, clients report feeling incredibly relaxed and calm immediately following a session, tending to sleep better that night, and hopefully during following nights. Physical sensations, such as tingling, warmth, and the feeling of having a weight lifted, as well as emotional releases, such as laughter or crying are all welcome and not uncommon.

Cumulative effects frequently depend on both the program an individual chooses, and his or her commitment to utilizing the skills acquired during the course. For example, numerous clients have discovered a pronounced increase in their own intuitive abilities. Business clients often report that their sales have increased significantly within a few days. On more than a few occasions, clients have identified their life purpose, and consequently resigned from current and even long-held positions to pursue a life they might not have ever dared to dream of before. Athletes and sports figures have easily transformed their personal best and catapulted their standings from third to first place. Regardless of the focused program a client completes, virtually everyone enjoys a renewed sense of holistic health and energy that translates into improved performance and relationships on every level.

Angel Healer Course Chakras Balance Energies Card Reading

What our clients say

  • Amazing people very inspirational.. getting me through times I didn't believe I could get through. Have restored my positivity and helped me to focus on my goals. Keep up your wonderful work x

    Sherie K, England UK
  • 2016 started as a brand new life in a new state, new relationship, new life. Unfortunately tragedy struck through untimely deaths of 3 of the most important souls to me, within 5 months. Devastation, sadness and grief took over and consequently ended the one thing I had left, my relationship. Through right place, right time, right people.. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Dina and Darren. I have nothing but praise and positive feedback for them! Beautiful people...

    Zenya H, Brisbane AUS
  • Dina and Darren have been an incredibly powerful duo in my spiritual transformation. While I have always been a very spiritual being, I sought their services (highly recommended through my friend) after being in a highly toxic relationship that left me in one of the darkest places in my life. Within a matter of weeks I have not only been healed but I am exponentially more aware and enlightened of everything in my world. I have never felt so close to my truest self

    Holly K, Los Angeles USA
  • Omg. I was fortunate enough to undertake an energy treatment with Darren and some spiritual guidance from Dina recently. I have been diagnosed with extreme anxiety and Ptsd. At the end of our session I was smiling. I left feeling happy and energised and alert. Driving home I didn't have my usual anxiety attack at a certain part of the trip. I felt wonderful for the very first time in ages. Dina and Darren are so caring and such gentle souls. I feel so fortunate to have experienced there great gifts. Booking in for further treatmentso for certain in the new year. I am hoping that with their guidance and regular psychological therapy from my provider that I will begin to overcome the pain and anxiety I have been experiencing. Thank you White Tiger. Xx

    Leanne P, Brisbane AUS
  • I was lucky enough to get an energy treatment from Darren as I do suffer from being anxiety/stress on a daily basis after my treatment I felt very grounded and at ease to think more clear and set some goals for the rest of the week, Thank you Darren will be looking forward my next treatment

    Rochelle J, Brisbane AUS
  • The wounded warrior had a healing with Darren today He assessed my emotional blocks and removed cords so that I could further heal The energy moving through my body is amazing Can highly recommend a healing treatment with Darren

    Sonia T, Port Macquarie AUS
  • If you asked me how I felt before Darren and Dina came into my life, I would have told you "Fine". Of course I had "Stuff" and "Things" burdening my heart - who doesn't? Of course I felt isolated and stagnant, not really sure what I should be doing with my life - who hasn't? After my first consultation, I wasn't sure this opportunity was the right one for me - timing, finances, "whatever"... I nearly convinced myself, too. But, a month later, another opportunity arose to speak with Darren, and I decided to take a breath and a leap of faith, and go with it. Not long after that call, I found a quote that describes what has happened (well, lots of them, but this one spoke so well to that first big exhale into trusting the work, the process, and trusting THEM): "...'Come to the edge', he said. They said, 'We are afraid'. 'Come to the edge', he said. They came. He pushed them... And they flew." Dina and Darren are exceptional guides, highly skilled, intuitive conduits of the energies and voices of the Universe and vessels of the purest kind of Love. Moreover, they are genuine, always encouraging, and willing to do the work with you as long as there is work you feel you need to do - if you are willing to stand at the edge of everything you know, take a deep breath, and leap into Possibility with them, you will discover just how beautiful flight can be! Forever grateful for all of the blessings that have come through Dina and Darren, I am on my way to a life that exceeds everything I thought I could have, defying all the shackles of my past, and loving every moment!

    Amy L.S, Los Angeles USA
  • Thanks to you Darren, I think it's been a really pleasant and eventful experience to have sessions with you. I really feel a change in me, how my fear of what others think of me is decreasing and That my fear of letting me up / exhibiting myself, is on retreat. The last of the four sessions, I felt was a pure transcendent. I look forward to a future of courage and strength to Dare to set me up for a scene and talk from my heart. I'm really looking forward to starting my new school with plays and music. Light And Love

    Phoenix C, Denmark
  • I have known Darren for some time through our work. He identified that I was looking flat towards the end of 2016 and admittedly I was working incredibly long hours as well as celebrating with multiple events every weekend. You could say I was burning the candle at both ends. I attended the energy treatment with Darren which is not something I would normally look too for a treatment. I'm not a spiritual person by any means and when I'm tired a massage normally does the trick.... However I do trust Darren so thought I'd give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised. The treatment itself is difficult to describe as I have no basis for comparison but suffice to say it was incredibly relaxing. After what seemed like 15 minutes but turned out to be close to 90 minutes I "woke up" with a clear mind. Things that I been considering and replaying over and over in my mind seemed less important. The next day I felt like I had had woke from an intensive sleep and had all the energy in the world. Thanks again Darren. I still don't really understand what it is you do, but at that point in time, it seems like exactly what was required to get me back functioning at my peak.

    Ben A, Brisbane AUS
  • Darren did an energy treatment for my partner and I together - I had been feeling a bit flat following shoulder surgery and my partner has rheumatoid arthritis so sometimes finds it had to get moving. After the treatment we both found we felt more aware and alert and I noticed that my partner - who has some hearing loss from working in underground mines back when ear plugs weren't used or considered 'manly' - was less hard of hearing. He doesn't seem to be asking me to repeat things as often as he used to. It was so nice to slow down and get in touch with our roots again, I especially enjoyed the earthing session at the end of our treatment. I'd recommend White-Tiger Vitality to anyone looking to treat themselves kindly and open new doors in their lives.

    Wendy W, Brisbane AUS
  • Dina and Darren are a lovely couple and made me feel comfortable straight away. Both of them are so gifted and i could sense that in the first conversation . My reading with Darren was so relaxed and the message was loud and clear in all areas of my life ..Have trust in the Universe that Divine timing is the key and to nourish my body and soul. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart I now feel at Peace. God bless you both ❤ Antonella F, Sydney AUS

    Antonella F, Sydney AUS
  • I would highly recommend Dina a and Darren they are two amazing souls who make you feel relaxed and at ease , they helped me cut cords from my past which was preventing me from moving forward and from living my true life purpose but after having healing's  from Darren and spiritual counselling from Dina, I'm now  living my true life purpose and  I'm now at peace with the past.

    Amanda W. NSW

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